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‘Food Safety Solutions’


“Providing cost effective, management solutions to maintain your food hygiene standards”

Everyday people fall ill from the food they eat because of poor food hygiene. Food poisoning can lead to gastro-enteritis, which is the inflammation of the stomach and bowels or could lead to more serious health problems such as septicaemia and kidney failure.

It is essential that all catering operations have a good food hygiene management system in place to ensure safe working practices are adhered to.

Aneco provides food hygiene analysis along with operational management systems implementation, training, support and advice for every type of catering establishment.

Our comprehensive food safety pack includes a range of operating procedures and food safety standards for all members of the team to follow, enabling you to be fully compliant with all UK Food Safety and Health & Safety regulations.

Our food safety team will conduct a full food safety audit to highlight areas of concern or development. We will assess the daily operation to see where relevant processes and procedures are missing or not being adhered to and implement an immediate solution that fits in with the teams daily duties.

For key areas of improvement, we will provide easy to follow procedures that can be managed internally or complete full training sessions to ensure all staff fully understand their roles and responsibilities in maintaining good working practices.

All our systems can be easily implemented, to immediately improve personal and food hygiene performance and safety standards.

Our review of the current personal and food hygiene standards will enable us to produce a set of working procedures for your team to follow.

We will look at all your health & safety, food production techniques, equipment, preparation & service areas, then implement a set standard of cleaning practices that, incorporate everything required to maintain a clean and hygienic working environment.

We will provide training plans, training and support for all team members to enable them to safely prepare and cook foods to the required food safety standards.

As part of the hygiene development, we will implement cleaning, stock rotation, segregation and storage procedures for all walk-in units, Fridges, Freezers & Dry Food storage areas.


Operational procedures provide a clear working guideline for your team to follow, that enables them to achieve a consistent safe working environment and good hygiene standard. Visual checks are easy to do but when an operation is busy the simple things can sometimes be overlooked.

Some simple operational procedures that we implement include: –


  • Opening and Closing Procedures
  • Refrigeration and food core temperature monitoring
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • Management Audits
  • Staff management / Rota
  • Training Plans
  • Stock control systems

To comply with the relevant Health & Safety and Food Safety Legislations, we provide one to one or group training sessions that form part of the businesses due diligence and employees personal development plan.

Our range of services include: –

  • Business Audits – (food safety – health & safety)
  • Health & Safety Procedures
  • Food Safety Policy
  • Staff training & development plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • COSHH – (control of substances hazardous to health)
  • HACCP System – (hazard analysis critical control points)


Food Safety Standards

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

This is the control of hazardous substances at work, so they do not cause ill health.

It will help you understand what you need to do to comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002 (as amended) which apply to the way you work with these substances.

This COSHH PDF provides measures that you, as an employer, may need to do to protect your employees from hazardous substances at work. It will also be useful to employees and their safety representatives.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

This is a system that helps food business operators look at how they handle food and introduces procedures to make sure the food produced is safe to eat.

The Food Standards Agency has developed a range of food safety management packs for different sectors of the food industry to help food business operators manage their food safety management procedures. For more information, go to the links below.

Safer food, better business (SFBB) helps small food businesses and childminders put in place food safety management procedures and comply with food hygiene regulations.

MyHACCP online tool for small food manufacturing businesses – the tool can be used to guide food businesses through the process of identifying food safety hazards and controls and the production of a documented food safety management system based on HACCP principles. You can access MyHACCP at www.food.gov.uk/myhaccp

BusinessSafe Health and Safety at Work Advice and Software

The troubled waters of Health and Safety regulations can drown your business. Our rescue team will light your way and protect you from hitting the rocks. If you think Health & Safety is expensive, then it is nothing compared to having an accident.

The Aneco BusinessSafe service covers-

  • A review of the way you manage health and safety in your premises and is conducted by qualified Health & Safety Consultants to identify areas of non-compliance with legal requirements. You will receive a report advising on how to use best practice and achieve compliance with legal obligations.
  • The preparation and installation of a bespoke Health & Safety management system, developed for your business, including the organisation, specific arrangements and monitoring procedures required for its effective implementation.
  • Regular visits to service your Health & Safety management system and advice on continuing legal compliance.