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‘Round Pegs, Round Holes’

“Our focus always begins with your people, if you’ve got the right people your more than half way there”

Aneco offer a range of managed, professional staff recruitment, implementation, training and personal development services to all areas of the catering and hospitality industry.

Our hands on approach, industry expertise and extensive business knowledge allow us to provide you with the highest quality bespoke personal service tailored to your individual business needs.

We offer an efficient, fully managed service that provides operational support, recruitment solutions, experienced, professional staff and a wide range of training options and tools.

We provide on the job training, long term training & development plans for each member of staff to enable you to get the best out of your employees whilst keeping a motivated and balanced team.

We will fully assess your current business staffing structure, operational food service, customer service standards and from that can create, manage and integrate a full Recruitment Solution that will ensure you have the right team member for the right position… (Round pegs, Round holes)

Our objective is to implement the right team member in to each role first time, every time.

Catering can be stressful at the best of times, we can implement highly experienced Managers and Senior Chefs for immediate cover and operational support.

Our interim managers will not only cover the day to day operations but assist in the recruitment and development of new team members.

Our short term relief team are also at hand to assist you during your busy service times, annual leave, or periods of unforeseen staff shortages.

Our Recruitment team fully manage every step of the recruitment process.

From sourcing the right candidate and arranging advertising where necessary, to applicant shortlisting and delivering a detailed and thorough interview process.

We fully assess applicants skill base, personality & social interaction and can manage onsite workshops to find the best candidate, including: –

Appoint, fully induct and manage training and development programs designed around your business and team needs.

Review all available alternatives to recruitment and can provide necessary training, support and management to further develop your current team.

We provide and manage bespoke personal training & development plans for your full team, whether that’s in the kitchen or front of house in the restaurant or bar.

Our training & development plans are tailored to your staffs individual needs and growth potential, and are designed to engage and motivate your team giving them the resources to assist in the overall growth and success of your business.

We are able to provide a variety of individual and team based training options, including training workshops, food hygiene, workplace health & safety courses, HACCP, COSHH, NVQ, business compliance, team motivational, and online certification courses that are all designed to get the very best from your team and improve the operational service standards of your business.

We are looking for passionate people to join our expanding team. If you feel that you have what it takes to make a difference, please complete the form below and copy/paste/upload your C.V.