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‘Purchase Power’


“Purchasing the best products, from the best suppliers, at the best price”

Aneco offer a range, of procurement and purchasing solutions designed to increase the quality, efficiency and profitability of your business.

Whether you’re a small business trying to manage a tiny budget or a large company wanting to cut costs and improve efficiency, we have the industry expertise, purchasing tools and knowledge to make savings in all areas of your business operation.

Our experienced team can provide a selection of procurement services tailored to your business needs, including business performance and improvement reviews, supplier and contractor sourcing, pricing structures, sustainability, supply chain management and performance audits.

Our procurement team will conduct a full business review of all your recent purchases, which will allow us to gain an accurate assessment of your current business performance.

This review will allow us to understand the weaknesses in your purchasing strategy and will highlight the key areas that we can make improvements and add real value to your operation.

We will also assess current suppliers involving consistency and quality of produce, availability of items and any delivery issues.

Our first task is to look at your current suppliers, their products and services, prices and delivery schedules.

This is where we analyse their performance against your demands and business requirements. Many businesses get stuck in a rut with their suppliers and feel that they are being held over a barrel when it comes to service and delivery standards.

We can re-negotiate all your current deals and contracts to ensure you receive the best possible service, quality of produce and price.

We will also look at other potential opportunities for you to source new products from new & local suppliers.

After reviewing your current supply chain(s), we will be in a better position to source and recommend, alternative, new, national & local suppliers, that are eager to prove that they have the service standards you require and expect.

We will negotiate all products, service standards, prices and delivery schedules so that they work efficiently hand in hand with your business. We take great pride in delivering efficient purchasing solutions that not only benefits your business but also creates a professional and lasting relationship with your suppliers.

As AnEco company, we also look at your carbon footprint when considering new suppliers for your business. Sourcing local suppliers could be the best solution for you and can save transportation costs and improve your delivery times.

At Aneco our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality catering and management services and we expect all our suppliers to provide the same standards we do.

We regularly review our supplier’s performance and standards to ensure you receive the very best possible service.


  • We produce detailed service-level agreements that cover all your supply needs.
  • We monitor KPIs and remedy any supply chain problems.
  • We conduct regular supplier review meetings to ensure the contract standards are consistently maintained.


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