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‘Branding, Visibility & Marketability’


“It’s not enough to have a nice concept, everybody needs to know it’s there”

Marketing, Advertisements & Promotions are everywhere. The most effective marketing techniques are those that inspire and capture the imagination, bringing still things to life.

Visibility is everything. It doesn’t matter where you are or what your selling – if no one knows its there or no one can see it, it will never develop.

At Aneco, we follow all new marketing ideas & techniques. Looking at whats new and on trend in the industry, what we can do to help you to stand out from the crowd and how we can implement these concepts, to make a difference to your business.

We cover every aspect of Marketing, Advertising, Promotions and PR to bring you closer to your customers and further away from your competitors.

A review of your current marketing strategy will enable us to advise and develop a plan to give your business more Visibility and Presence.

The first thing we can do for your catering business, is look at your internal marketing. How do you entice your customers to stay longer, spend more money and recommend your concept to their friends. After all, once your customers are inside your building, you have a captive audience!

From there, we look at your external visibility. How does the outside world see your business. We can improve your web sites design using the very latest techniques, make it more visible on the web, connect you to your customers through social media and create showcase’s of food, menu’s and events that will build your web presence and customer potential.

Internal marketing is all about what the customer sees when they are inside your catering operation. Are they excited with what they see and what is there to entice them to spend more….

Whether you’re looking to re-develop or re-launch an existing branded concept or interested in developing a new idea, Aneco is here to help.

Our creative design team can advise, design and create a fresh new look, including logo’s, menu designs, promotional literature and advertising boards to promote your business from the inside.

We take everything in to account. From your location, layout, design, colours and textures and customer expectations.

External visibility concentrates on giving your business a presence outside of your building. This is generally how the internet, social media, newspapers and magazines see and promote your business.

We will look to develop your online presence through web design, social media, advertising platforms and personalised promotional material, aiming at a generic or target specific market.

Our promotions team can also help you with mystery diners to bring you feedback on your food and service standards along with competitions which, create new customers experiences that you can build from.

Promotional photographs and videos are easy way to show potential customers what they are missing out on and are easily added to any website or social media platform.

A good way to improve your businesses profitability and visibility is to have a number of special events and themed evenings.

This brings new and existing customers together and offers the opportunity to develop relationships with PR, newspapers  and magazines that may be interested in running a feature on your event.

We can advise, create, develop and market a range of special events and themed concepts that offers new opportunities for sales and promotions to your new captive market.

Before designing any event or evening,  we take in to account your business’s availability, kitchen and restaurant design, staffing, suppliers and licenses.

We can also fully manage the evening providing staff and actors to improve the performance on the night.


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